Four issue mini abt two demigods keeping the peace on earth and the guys from the underworld out. Not a lot to it, on a substance level. The intro goes on abt how the gods have left us to our own devices, and the story itself brings out the relationship between the two brothers rather well. But I didn't get a lot else.

But we're ignoring the artwork, of course. It's something pretty special. Contoured faces, Klimt colours, blocky shapes, extreme perspectives and the scratchy / crayony / scanned photography mishmash popularized by Sienkiewicz and co. Good layouts too. One that stuck with me was Cassie in hell, where the P.O.V. does a one-eighty as he runs to his target. Slick. Very nice sense of momentum.

So. Christian Ward is a more interesting new talent than Nathan Edmondson. It will be interesting to see where they end up.

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