'...around the alter rise the arches of a great church, and its walls keep moving further and further out. What they enclose is -- sacred. You can no longer get to it, no longer touch it. Shrieking with the hunger that devours you, you wander round about these walls in search of the little that is profane, and the circles of your course keep growing more and more extended. Soon that church will embrace the whole world, and you be driven out to the extreme edge; another step, and the world of the sacred has conquered: you sink into the abyss. Therefore take courage while it is yet time, wander about no longer in the profane where now it is dry feeding, dare the leap, and rush in through the gates into the sanctuary itself. If you devour the sacred you have made it your own! Digest the sacramental wafer, and you are rid of it!' - Max Stirner, The Ego and His Own

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