The Lives of Others

Well, I DID like the contrast between the warm glowing yellows of the apartment and the cold metal greys of Wiesler's lair. Also the thing with the doorbell where Weisler looks like a puppeteer... NICE! Sometimes the film gets less clever. Showering away guilt I've seen too many times before, really. And the mourning scene were Georg reaches for the piano was just silly.

Bigger worries: the villain is just that, nothing more. He looks like the Kingpin, for Godsake! Also didn't quite get a handle on Christa-Maria. Her flip-flops upped the tension, but I didn't really get a sense of what was going through her brain in those crucial interrogation scenes. Or ever, really. I blame the writers on this. The actress was great.

Ultimately, you'll like this if you can buy into its rather sweet melodramatic tone. I did, mainly because Ulrich Mühe sold it so well. Without him, I think The Lives of Others would have been a failure. As it stands, a lovely way to spend two hours.

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