BBC 6Music

6Music is what I would want Radio 1 to be in an alternative (in more ways than one) universe. It plays pop music that's more exciting, more interesting, more intelligent, than the stuff in the charts. It has brilliant DJs, allowed (more than most) to play what they like. It's the music station I listen to most.

But the rationale for cutting it makes sense. Too few listeners. The 30-50 target audience are well served elsewhere. Not enough public service for the money. It's fair that its duties should be split between Radios 1 and 2.

But will Radios 1 and 2 absorb the programmes, the playlists, the DJs, of 6? I still don't understand why Radio 1 tries to compete with commercial chart pop stations, and Radio 2 with commercial MOR ones. That does not take advantage of their unique position -- to be tastemakers rather than just having to play what people want to hear. Will they take on 6Music's values? I seriously doubt it. That's why I don't want to see 6Music go.

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