An obscure Vertigo comic written by Mark Wheatley. Two superheroes: a succubus siren who leeches life from others, and a regenerating muscle-man -- Wolverine meets X-Factor's Strong Guy. Created by government nasties (what else?) and you can guess how it ends.

Wheatley keeps all the characters human. Both Chase and The Man feel remorse for what they have done. And yet they have killed people using their superpowers. And yet we're supposed to like them. All very confusing. I don't really know what Wheatley is trying to say, really. Apart from the obv government is evil stuff.

But it almost doesn't matter, because boy is it a gorgeous comic! Marc Hempel has impeccable design sense. He's a brilliant caricaturist. He can capture complex and conflicting emotions in a single expression. Some of the best comics art I have come across, basically. Definitely worth checking out...

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