"O voluptuous young women, give us your bodies as much and as often as you please! Fuck, divert yourselves, but shy away from love. Amuse yourselves, sate your physical passions, but spurn the pursuit of love and loving. To languish in sighs and tears, to waste time writing billet douxs, is not the true way; fucking should be your god, to fuck as often and with as many men as you like, refusing enslavement by one person. Bound to one man, you would be prevented from giving yourself to others – a fatal deprivation. Nature created woman for all mankind. Mindful of this, let them surrender joyously to those who desire them: never mistresses, always whores; scorning love, worshipping pure pleasure. Then they will know only roses in life, and scatter only sweet flowers as they go." - The Marquis de Sade, Philosophy In The Boudoir

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