2012 blind spot: Spectrasoul feat. Tamara Blessa - Away With Me (Kito Remix)

I nicked this from a Ministry of Sound Dubstep compilation – the bro kind that Mr. Muggs has taken mischievous delight in promoting. I'm all for needling narrow-minded FACT readers, though tbh most of this stuff isn't really for me. This bangs, however.

The track has this Aluna-like vocal, slightly shrill and glitching, inviting you to control, unfold, come away with her. And she'll give you everything. Except "everything" is shot to pieces by a barrage of bass, the word sliced into repeating el el els – recalling Rihanna's famous offer of shelter. I'm a sucker for the stop-start rhythm of the chorus (imagine a maximalist 'Cactus'), suggesting along with that vocal the spasming malfunctions of an overeager pleasure droid.

Are they malfunctions, though – those cut up sighs, moans and cries? She offers everything in the palm of your hand. You can stop, rewind, fast-forward. Is she not rather a siren of hypersex, a purveyor of machine love moulded to our cybernetically-enhanced desires?

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