Los Campesinos!

...started their band four years ago because they were bored, Gareth tells us, and now they are playing London's KOKO. Gareth thanks everyone he can think of, but finally, ultimately, thanks the audience for coming, for making this possible. And that earnest, naked 'I love you' is gladly, gleefully, rousingly returned a hundred fold. The band bask, grinning. Gareth exchanges a little look with Tom to his left, and they play on. Moment of the night.

I'm not being funny, there's something of the Mick Jagger in Gareth's on-stage antics: the passion, the sex-appeal, the confidence, the absolute belief in what he is singing about. And he can sing! Croon, even! What a front man! The rest of the band kinda fade into the background.

Also, I must have been sniffing glue when I wrote this.

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