2012 blind spot: A-Trak & DJ Zinc feat. Natalie Storm - Like the Dancefloor (Shadow Child Remix)

The arch bass-wobble, the time-stretched vocal, the synth wash... all tried and tested trak elements endlessly arranged and re-arranged in a looping circular vortex comprising the inescapable NOW. If music is supposed to map unexplored vistas over the present horizon, missives from alternative ways of living and being, a continual revolution in sensory experience, then obv how disappointing. The artful combination of recycled materials, how dead-eyed, how boringly COMPETENT.

But then there's a moment in this (around 2.44 in) when these sirens start blaring over a churning bassline, and I'm imagining a squad of Vortigaunts skanking through the halls of the Black Mesa Facility. Or when the skippy drums cut straight back in after the final chorus (around 5.10 in) almost saying "hey we're not done yet, the euphoric moment can wait, we need to segue into the next trak". A bit like last year's favourite 'Step In The Dance', this historical walking tour doesn't feel conservative or nostalgic, but fun – the past plundered to service the ever-more historically-aware dancefloors of the present.

That mindset probably what gets those Jackin' fiends so worked up about, tho have to say I stood through an hour-long Marcus Nasty set and barely felt the urge to twitch along to the stuff he was laying out...

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