Dark Shadows

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp on very self-indulgent form. I was forewarned about how terrible this might be, so was rather surprised to find myself enjoying it. I mean, the film is a mess – so many characters that a bunch (Victoria, David) fall out of the film for long periods of time. It's also confusing tonally: being twee and childish but also quite raunchy.

Burton can do better, and so is held to a high standard. That in mind, I can understand why many would lack patience with a project that gives free reign to the kind of gothy silliness he is so very fond of, and has done countless times before. For some reason, I'm not one of them. This kind of goofy pop culture mash-up, with its arch juxtapositions and flamboyant characters, holds some kind of appeal for me. This isn't a good film, sure, but it was good enough when I saw it.

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