A comic about nostalgia for old monster movies and washed-up actors looking for another chance, one an alcoholic, one a convention whore, one a closet homosexual who still gets work as a screen heart-throb. Not original stories, tho they are handled very well. Particularly like the single panel flashbacks that cut up the exposition. The hook is that the characters are all creatures of the night. It looks like a horror comic, but it's actually a poignant drama of the Sideways mold. My fave page of the book captures this contrast superbly: the Wolf-Man wolfs-out ready for murder, and then his mobile rings. Tension to bathos. The chapter is called 'Return of the Wolf-Man', not to commit another killing spree, but to do another movie. The habit of art in 22 pages.

A word on the artwork -- Gabriel Bá meets Ben Templesmith. Sounds awesome, right? It is.

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