Live Flesh

The Almodóvar season continues, and happily we have a much better result tonight. Again, a romantic fairy-tale, but this time structured around an erotic thriller type plot. I LOVED it. A whole mesh of connections sweeps you along at breakneck speed. And the thing throbs with soapy, over-the-top melodrama. Thrilling.

A lot of ideas in Live Flesh were carried over from last night's Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, and I just want to note some of them down for future reference:
  • Catholic imagery used in the opening of the film.
  • A disabled character pining after a beautiful woman, and getting all jealous.
  • The hero being an innocent sweetheart, released from some correctional institution.
  • The hero smitten by one-night-stand. Brushed off, but wins the girl through good deeds.
  • Also by being a demon in the sack. Love underpinned by an intense sexual connection.
We'll see if they crop up in film number three...

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