Infinite Crisis

Just to mention how much I loved this. Had a point. Had a conclusion. Had weight. The bad guys were the good guys -- tortured idealists willing to go to any lenghts to achieve a perfect world. Also, great moments: Diana talking to Diana, Batman pointing a gun at Alex's head, Alex being taken out by the one thing you cannot plan for -- the insanity of the Joker. Also, the event gives you all the heroic deaths and inspiring fellowship you could want. Gotta say, House of M dealt with similar themes, but not as well as this. For one, I'm completely clueless about the DCU, and yet the story was written in a way that was accessable to newbies. I don't think Marvel crossovers are as welcoming.

And to top it all off, Phil Jimenez kicks the shit out of the book. So much awesome compacted into so few pages. I'm grinning at the memory of it.

Who says superheroes are dead?

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