Battlestar Galactica

...season 4. Short season, isn't it? Only ten episodes. The writers' strike had something to do with it, apparently.

The previous note's conclusion that the show's weak writing is saved by magnificent actors, directors and CGI still broadly holds true. On the commentary for the (excellent) Razor film, the writer and exec. producer said they often threw in things that didn't make sense because of the cool factor. I think that's lazy, and I get seriously enraged when Battlestar treats me like an idiot. Or maybe I should follow the writer's advice, relax, and enjoy the robots and spaceships and war, war, war!

On the plus side, season four is by far the most consistent season so far, which is certainly down to the small number of episodes (previous seasons get flabby 3/4 of the way in). The first two episodes were slow, but by the third we were on a roll. Noticed that Buffy alumnus Jane Espenson was on the team. Not biased or anything, but her episodes were pretty much the best.

One of my major gripes with the series has been addressed. Season four began to deal with religion with a modicum of intelligence, by exploring Baltar's (at first very silly) transformation into cult leader for the Cylon God. The way guilt is displaced and human fallibility sanctified is a really interesting (and believable) comment on the way religious inspiration works. Such a solution fits Baltar perfectly -- he is just the most delightfully conceited and self-serving character on television.

That said, my worry that the final season will resolve all the lingering questions through spiritual deus ex machina bullshit is growing. The twists are just getting waaaay too implausible, and they have piled up. I think doing science fiction (all fiction) in this way is lazy and stupid, and it will get me angry. The explosions in the final series have to be mind-shatteringly awesome for me to be able to stomach the coming cop-out.


  1. Please, please, please stop watching now.
    Otherwise you are gonna be so angry it will be all ‘Hulk need smash’ kinda rage.
    With no exaggeration the plot of the final episode was one of the hokiest storylines I have ever seen on a major television drama outside of the highjacked stealth bomber bit in 24.

  2. Yeh but I don't know who the last Cylon is.. I NEED TO KNOW WHO THE LAST CYLON IS OR MY LIFE WILL HAVE NO MEANING!

    Tho that final shot of the season four finale is a pretty awesome ending in itself. All your dreams were for nothing! There are no answers! Now rub your faces in the post-apocalyptic dirt and WEEP! WEEP FOR THE DARKNESS OF HUMANITY! WAAAAH!

    Except that the writers were never gonna end it there...