A dream

Blonde hair. Wide smile. Blue eyes. On the bus. Laughs with friends. I look sideways. Beautiful. Friends notice. She stares. I don't look away. (Why? Shut up. It's a dream). Do I know you from somewhere? I don't know. My friends turn. Talk. Explain. Yeah, he's strange. She smiles. She sits next to me. Puts her arm around. You won't mind if I do this then? Not at all.


Off the bus. Silence. I frown. She turns. Accusing. So what do we do now. I despair. I don't know. I look away. I like books, films, galleries, concerts... How fake. Gleam in her eye. On phone. I wait. Comes back. You like concerts? Yeah. Turns. Walks away. How d'you feel about Koko? Yes. YES! To see Slowdive? Turns back and smiles.


Dark. Music washes around. She leans on me. My arms around her. She turns. We kiss. Feels like honey and marzipan. Tastes like heaven.

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