Black Summer

You ever hunger after that Watchmen feeling? Listen to this:

Bob - You'd just lay your weapons down to someone who elected himself God through force of arms?

Grant - What else do you do when someone elects themselves God through force of arms, Bob? Ask them to prove it?

And this:

Angel - They don't get to be right just because there's more of them and they have guns.

And this:

Kathrine - Dominic wanted to be big, Tom wanted to know everything and you wanted everyone to be good. Me, Angel and Zoe really just wanted to help people. And you call us crazy.

And this:

Tom - You could not think of a smarter way to change the way this country does business than just killing the villain? You watch the world like God and build palaces out of mud with those damned eyes of yours and that is the smartest idea you had? You fucking sicken me.

Trust me, really. It's all there.

Except that this is Warren Ellis doing Watchmen. Which is a bit like getting Quentin Tarantino to do Shakespeare. Dialogue is as quick and precise as a rapier. And the action hits you in the face like a sledgehammer.

Even though Ellis steers clear of writing sound effects. But with Juan Jose Ryp on art, do you really need them? As the back cover critical acclaim mentions, panels are drawn in insane detail. So you don't need to hear every crunch, slice and boom. You feel them. Through your eyes.

Tell me that's not great comics.

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