Mercer Finn doesn't think his arguments through properly!

A new Hot-Doll convert (hey Claudia, this ones for you!) conferred frankly embarrassing praise on my post on culture. I cannot bask in the vindication of my own glory in good faith, however, because there is a massive hole in the ideas I splurged. In short, since writing that post, I've modified my opinion on reader-generated news. I had completely failed to grasp the problem of accountability. How do we know what bloggers are saying is true? We still need existing media institutions to verify stories and fund investigative reporting (which requires time and money unavailable to most bloggers). Having a totally free press will severely limit its accuracy, and we will all be the worse for it. So this is me admitting I was wrong. People should not listen to me.

Or at least not all the time. (Please! I'm still important!) On the cultural exchange side of things, I'm still behind most of what I said. Art doesn't need any verification. You don't have to have accurate knowledge of its context to understand it. It just is. So I say keep putting stuff out there! We need to show we can be just as good as those being paid to be cultural producers and arbiters. In fact, we're better in one respect, because our product is free and available to anyone with a computer. That means there's a lot more rubbish around, true, but as I've said before, we have ways of dealing with that. On the whole, a cultural democracy can only lead to more goodies for all. I remain an optimist.


  1. (hey this one is for me!)

    Totally agree, yes, we need that "media institution", I don't want to be deceived one more time, I will not trust you the next time. Ok..., maybe I exaggerated a little bit about the 'prodigy' thing (probably as a result of lack of vocabulary), but understand me that was a mix of 3 of my favourite things together: Ireland, literature and Yeats, I was moved by an uncontrollable emotion. Anyway I'm get used to the pompouspretentious literary criticism which, I'm almost sure, says rubbish most of the time. You see, inaccuracy is everywhere. Is good you are so demanding with yourself.

    PS: This time I feel I have to apologize for my English (sorry). By the way, I'm already a Hot-Doll convert, what an honour!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpIYz8tfGjY

    I thought of you when watching this video. (wow, it seems you get me totally hooked)

  3. That film is one of my favorites. Great minds...