How I love Denise Mina...

'It's either Halloween, or this is an S&M playground. Tell me it's Halloween. Suburbanites slapping each other across the arse for kicks depresses the shit out of me.' -- John Constantine


  1. I've just read your “W.B. Yeats and culture” and it made me go WOW. Really, you're such a prodigy. You remind me a little of Charles Highway, from Amis' novel The Rachel Papers. But don't worry, that is good, well..., at least it is for me.

  2. I'm flattered, but come on... 'prodigy'? Maybe if I wrote that when I was twelve I could be considered as such. Now I'm just doing what a lot of other people are doing. And a lot of other people are doing it better than me (see acknowledgements).

    I confess I haven't encountered Mr. Charles Highway myself, but I'll trust you and take the comparison as a compliment. He doesn't sit in his room all day reading comics, does he..?