Dollhouse Episode 9

Things are gonna speed up, because I wanna finish the series before going on holiday. The DVD will be bought, which will hopefully atone for my resorting to piracy.

Some notes:

Single best line in the series so far, courtesy of Boyd. What is the Dollhouse?
"We're pimps and killers. But in a philanthropic way. Can I go now?"

But seriously genius, for Boyd is sarcastically repeating what DeWitt really believes. The Dollhouse is there to service the fantasies of its clients. It makes people happy. She uses the service herself, in order to find comfort away from her demanding job. What she realizes this episode is that her getaway dalliances are delusions, her lover a fake. What is more, her real relationship with Security Man, perhaps her closest confidant, is also destroyed. She can't have fake friends or real ones. So she'll have none at all. She'll go numb -- cold and steely. Even bullets won't stop her. When you work in the dehumanizing business, you become dehumanized yourself.

This was DeWitt's episode, and Olivia Williams kicked all kinds of ass with the role. Good stuff!

So wait. Security Man's on Echo's side? Didn't he want to kill her for being too unpredictable? Didn't he embody patriarchal fears and desires? Yes he does, and he's not on Echo's side. This was just a power-play about control of the Dollhouse, between a corporation and a government security agency. Security Man is under no delusions about using the tech and fucking with people. He just wants control over it. But at the end there comes the faint glimmer of redemption. He stares at Echo and smiles. They are fucking with you, but you're gonna fuck them up back. Everybody gets theirs in the end.

So was he feeding information to Ballard? He couldn't be. His priority (as he says) was to throw him off. One mole has been uncovered, but there's another one lurking. Doctor Lady? She was saying stuff about how the Dollhouse was imperfect. Boyd? Echo couldn't interrogate him, and why is he working there anyway? Toph? Err, that would be a surprise. But then again, so was Security Man. Wait and see, wait and see...

Ballard's scene with November was sensational. Penikett really sold the horror of his discovery. And Laurie was great at switching between two completely different selves. Good stuff!

Last week teased us with Actives becoming self-aware for the first time. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. But no. The journey towards subjectivity is going to be a slow and torturous process. Echo is just beginning to assert herself. The change is incremental. As it should be. You don't snap out of oppression. There is no epiphany. We're gonna have to be patient.

A lot of shit going down this week. You can feel the temperature rising as we near the finale. Shame the start of the series couldn't work up this kind of hectic pace. Makes you question whether we need standalones in the first place. Hasn't every other genre show around proven that they are unnecessary? Stupid Fox...

Bit delirious after all that. Hope it made sense. I'll be seeing you tomorrow with number 10.

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