Dollhouse Episode 8

Some notes:

Episode 6 was supposed to bring the noise. Episode 8 definitely brought the noise. This is a step up from what we've seen before. The plot (for the first time this season!) was genuinely gripping. Victor brought the funnies. There was a beautiful scene between him and Sierra. And that shot of Echo leading the Dolls out was amazing -- brimming with hope, only for it to be completely overturned. Tolkien went on and on about the sublime beauty of victory being snatched away from the jaws of defeat. Episode 8 proves that defeat being snatched away from victory can be equally beautiful.

Fuck, man. The enemy is crafty. It gives you the illusion of freedom, only to placate you, while continuing to control your brain. And the good doctor (scars fading) says all this is necessary. If we are let completely loose on the big bad world, we won't survive. Our freedom needs to be curtailed, our minds brainwashed, for our own good. Otherwise we'll just consume each other. Has Tracy Bellomo been reading Leviathan, perhaps?

Television like this is unique. It has a richness like no other action show before it. We were wrong to doubt Dollhouse. Joss Whedon always delivers the goods in the end.

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