Dollhouse Episode 7

Some notes:

Toph in his underpants. DeWitt on a trampoline. Echo trying to make a fist. Where were all the funnies? Here they are!

The 'let's get everyone high' idea was great until you remember that the Angel episode 'Spin The Bottle' did it first, and did it better. But here it has its own particular delicious flavour. All the Dollhouse characters are so damn serious all the time, when the silliness comes, it takes us by surprise. There is a wonderful moment in the Topher/DeWitt exchanges when they start tripping, but you don't quite catch on immediately. You think: whoa, hold on, the witty banter quotient just jumped almost to Firefly levels. Has the writing style just done a screeching u-turn? And then you realize it's due to a plot twist, which will be unravelled at the end. You almost feel disappointed. Can't they be high all the time?

After last week's revelation, the Agent Ballard stuff this week was dull, dull, dull. So I guess it goes in cycles.

The camera effects were pretty cool this week. You can tell the director has been watching his Battlestar Galactica.

We meet Caroline for the first time. Finally. And yet I'm slightly put-out. Her circle of friends don't sell me on their activism. We only get glimpses of them, and there was no hook that got me to say: 'Yes. I like you and I care about what happens to you'. This may also be an acting problem. Dushku is good at playing hardened and foxy, and showing flashes of vulnerability underneath. But she's really really bad at playing earnest.

Like number four, this is a Craft/Fain episode. And again, thematically they don't get the party jumping. The link was made between callous animal testing and what the Dollhouse gets up to. We are asked the obvious question: do the ends justify the means. Except that the answer is totally obvious. Fucking with people in this way is dangerous and can cause a lot of damage. Frankly, yawn.


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