Dollhouse Episode 12

Some notes:

This was by far the most thrilling episode of the show so far. A crazy ride. A lot of this was down to Tudyk being absolutely terrifying. Is there anything that dude can't do?

Why have your own identity when you could be superman? The answer is tentatively suggested by Ballard -- no matter how many personalities you are imprinted with, your essence remains the same. Alpha was a psycho before the Dollhouse screwed him up. And a psycho he remains. Caroline, before being corralled into the Dollhouse, wanted to discover what she wanted to do -- who she wanted to be. Also, she had a badass attitude when it came to authority. Echo retains these impulses. She doesn't want to be a superman. She just wants to be herself.

Ballard, perhaps embarrassed by the fixation with Echo he shares with Alpha, decides to free November instead. He puts his fantasy to one side, and helps the Active he has hurt the most. That's what makes him a hero. But WTF? Why has he signed on to work for the Dollhouse? This needs a lot of explanation. I'm looking at you, episode 13.

When in doubt, put Amy Acker in danger. Never fails to freak you right out. She is amazing. But we all knew that already.

Maybe I haven't said this enough through the series, but Eliza Dushku is doing a fine job. In these last episodes, she doesn't misfire once. And when those hero shots come along, it's not too hard to think: yeah, in a couple of years, and if the show survives... icon. Maybe even one to rival Buffy.

Broadcasting will cease for a month, as I am on holiday. Goodbye interwebs...

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