Dollhouse Episode 11

Some notes:

WHO DAT? Alan mudafuckin Tudyk, that's who! He gives his best Robert Downey Jr. impression this episode, before switching to terrifying psychopath mode. Extraordinary stuff. My personal fave moment. Hey Alan, what do you think about the Dollhouse?
'I mean, don't get me wrong. I heart my porn, but this is coool.'

So Ballard and Alpha are cut from the same cloth. Both want to rescue the princess. The only difference is that Ballard is obsessed with restoring Echo's personality. Alpha just wants to (it appears) live out his fantasy. Neither understand what the Susannah imprint says at the beginning -- the sleeping Briar Rose and her rescuer are the same person. The only one who can really save you is yourself.

Right. Roll on number 12.

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