Dollhouse Episode 10

Some notes:

Huh. I guess we do still need standalones. After the fever pitch mayhem in last week's episode, we get a subdued country house murder mystery. Okay...

Single most unbelievable line in the series so far: Margaret's grown-up daughter fights back the tears and says, wait for it: "God, I'm so emo." She's not a teenager anymore, team. Totally destroys the moment.

Ballard gets all mean and creepy this episode. You would assume from Battlestar that Penikett can only do knights in shining armour. But no. Look at those nostrils flare, those eyes narrow. Scary stuff.

But Mellie was even more disturbing. The sweet girl next door who we all fell in love with is now playing submissive love slave. Her personality becomes an irrelevance. She's just a piece of meat Ballard can hump whenever he feels like it. It's disgusting, and Ballard is rightly disgusted with himself. That shower don goan wash away what you done, son...

Aww. Isn't Topher cute! He just wants someone to play videogames with! And then maybe have sex with later... No, wait. That's... rape?

Out of nowhere, Boyd gets all philosophical with DeWitt. The Dollhouse allows clients to cheat death, undoing the most fundamental fear humanity is confronted with. This would indeed overturn every ideology our frazzled brains have come up with. But do we really need eternal life? By the end of the episode, Margaret is satisfied with the way she has left her affairs and relationships, and willingly steps into oblivion. It's the best we can all hope for.

But enough distractions. Who's the sleeper agent? Where is Alpha? Will Ballard be able to keep his shirt on for an entire episode? Come on. Let's rev up that engine. I want that finale to be explosive. Will it be? More tomorrow.

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