Dollhouse Episode 4

Some notes:

In this episode, Echo and Sierra get imprinted with the same personality, and I'm sorry to say Dichen Lachman proved even more brilliant at being a hardass than Eliza Dusku. Then again, Dushku is a master at playing flirty sex queen, which Lachman hasn't attempted yet. If she does, and if she proves brilliant at that as well, then we know casting for the show has been, lets just say, less than perfect.

Topher's lab assistant has no right to be that hot. I get suspension of disbelief, but fishnet tights? Sometimes television goes too far.

Topher himself does a fine job this episode. But for a Whedon geek, he's still painfully lacking in the joke department. Dollhouse seriously needs more funny.

Good to report that Olivia Williams contains the smirk-factor within acceptable levels. And her hair this episode was, like, oh my God! Awesome!

After last week's revelation, the Agent Ballard stuff this week was dull, dull, dull.

Overall, this one was the weakest episode so far. A whole jumble of ideas that never coalesced into something bigger. There was a link made between childbirth and the imprinting process that didn't go anywhere. Also, a very unexpected discussion of a cubist painting during a lull in the action, which stated nothing but the obvious. A throwaway mention of Michelangelo seeing the statue in the stone before carving it. Where is all this going, you wonder?

I get the feeling that there was no clear idea about what the episode would be about. This was just about moving the season's plot along, making it pretty disposable overall.

I did like the image the episode ended with, however, where Echo stares into a steamed-up mirror, traces a random curving line, before wiping it and revealing her reflected face. Her true self is obscured, she is only allowed single, partial glimpses. But that final action gives us hope that Echo will awaken, and be able to see herself clearly.

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