Dollhouse Episode 3

Some notes:

Three guesses what this episode is about. Err, the objectification of women by society? Bingo!

The following doesn't exactly tread lightly:
Echo: What misery? What have you got to be miserable about?
Rayna: No. Right. I've got to be happy. I've got to be grateful. I've got to be rebellious, but just enough to give me cred so people know I'm not a factory girl. But I am. I don't exist. I'm not a real person. I'm everybody's fantasy...

So what if it's blunt. It's great writing, and it says something. Something that isn't said often enough.

The opening shot of Rayna dancing semi-naked in a cage (strangely not gilded) also not the subtlest. But it's clever, so I'll forgive its bluntness. Hey, if Baz Luhrmann is a cinematic genius...

In other news, Sierra is the cutest. Person. EVER!!

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