Wolverine is so many things: berserker, cowboy, samurai, soldier, secret agent, father figure, beer-swilling, cigar-chomping, barroom-brawling son of a gun... oh, and Jean Grey's favourite bit of rough (ruff!). Not all of that will fit in one movie. The makers of the new X-Men Origins film have stuck to the basics - Wolverine caught between humanity and the beast. In this, they follow the perfectly competent but pretty uninspiring Wolverine: Origin miniseries.

The film skewers the theme in a rather brilliant set-up towards the end. Wolverine battles his nemesis Sabertooth to the ground. Sabertooth dares him to give into his nature and kill him. But above Wolverine the voice of reason and love urges him to show restraint, or become what he hates. Our hero is literally caught between his angel and his demon - his (male) competitive violent nature and his (female) loving moral soul. How clever! Now queue the explosions.

Peter David pretty much nails it over here. The film is perfectly fine, but the character could have been used for so much more. He might still be. Seeing how well the film has done at the box office, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Wolverine...

Also, Gambit was awesome. But we all knew that already.

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