The Horned God

'Slaine. You have taken the first steps in seeking my advice. In questioning the world you live in and its values. Not accepting them with blind faith. In your adventures you have often stood on the edge of the sea of awareness, but were too afraid to enter. Now it is time. Come, receive the hidden knowledge that has many names, but you call the cauldron of wisdom, or grail. The knowledge men seek far and wide, but is inside them all the time, submerged deep within their subconscious. Race memories of a bygone era when, for two hundred thousand years, men worshiped a goddess and there were no gods. An era when women looked after the earth. An era men have conveniently chosen to forget or deny, yet secretly yearn to return to, even though they dread it. Yearn, because it is a return to the mother. To the pleasures and comfort of the womb. Dread, because it is also a return to the black, bottomless pit of the unknown from which they sprang, when they were powerless, alone and afraid. But first they must defeat the sea demons who dwell there. Materialisations of their fears of returning to the lost era of women. To defeat them, you have to accept this knowledge and be prepared to reject the male path of power and domination over women. Only when you have overcome your mental demons will you be ready for what lies beyond.' - Danu, the Earth Goddess

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