Waits on Island

Hard as I try, I can't love all of Tom Waits's songs on his late 1980s Island Records trilogy of albums equally. Of the three, I go with most and pick Rain Dogs as my favourite. But I depart from convention by putting Franks Wild Years over Swordfishtrombones. The latter was a bit too weird for me. None of these albums are perfect, imo. They all have tracks that skirt too far away from the captivating and evocative blues I worship Waits for. So playlist time. I had to kick things off with '16 Shells From A 30.06' which is my personal favourite Waits song and one that captures his appeal immediately. I also had to closes proceedings with 'Anywhere I Lay My Head', which has an appropriate (deliriously happy) finality to it, although it provides no lasting answers. In between, I've tried to mix up the rawkus foot-stompers, the flirty rhythm shuffles and the ballads so things are always unpredictable. This is what I ended up with:

1. 16 Shells From A 30.06
2. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
3. Cold Cold Ground
4. Hang Down Your Head
5. Way Down In The Hole
6. Big Black Mariah
7. In The Neighborhood
8. Clap Hands
9. Yesterday Is Here
10. Hang On St. Christopher
11. Swordfishtrombone
12. Blind Love
13. Telephone Call From Istanbul
14. Time
15. Down, Down, Down
16. Train Song
17. Gun Street Girl
18. Johnsburg, Illinois
19. Innocent When You Dream (Barroom)
20. Union Square
21. Anywhere I Lay My Head

Have that on your boombox while you're slurping bourbon, puffing cigarettes and cradling your shotgun...

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