Kid Amnesiac

For me, both Kid A and Amnesiac are half brilliant, half frustrating albums. The songs on each were (I have learned) recorded at the same time. So I thought Radiohead wouldn't mind if I re-sequenced them to make my own perfect record. I should say from the very beginning that I have wielded my scissors according to my own tastes, not any objective standard, so don't come crying to me if you feel that I've desecrated Radiohead's work. Music is, more than most art-forms I think, a subjective experience. I personally wanted something that matched/exceeded Radiohead's most gripping and rewarding long players - OK Computer and In Rainbows. For me, the following works quite well.

Side 1:
1. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
2. Optimistic
3. In Limbo
4. Knives Out
5. How To Disappear Completely
6. You And Whose Army?

Side 2:
7. Everything In Its Right Place
8. Pyramid Song
9. I Might Be Wrong
10. Dollars & Cents
11. Idioteque
12. Morning Bell

Hidden/bonus track: Like Spinning Plates

Some words of explanation. I think 'Packt' is a better opening track than 'Everything In Its Right Place'. 'Optimistic' right after is a good, accessible rock 'n' rolla that may calm some nerves. The first half as a whole is the more standard recognisable Radiohead. Side two is where it gets more adventurous. The thinking was to back-end the album so that it builds up to a climax around 'Dollars & Cents' and 'Idioteque'. 'Morning Bell' is like waking up from the nightmare, and I feel it works well as the last song. However, I would hate to exclude 'Spinning Plates', so maybe have it as a bonus track? It plunges you right back in. No release, just more craziness.

As for the stuff that didn't make the cut. 'Treefingers' and 'Hunting Bears' are purged for obvious reasons. I'm not a fan of the jazzy noodling of 'The National Anthem' and 'Life In A Glasshouse', so they had to go. Yorke's distorted voice on 'Kid A' ruined the song for me. Only one 'Morning Bell' is needed, and I prefer the sharper Kid A version. 'Motion Picture Soundrack' is in fact two songs separated and followed by a long period of silence, which is annoying to sequence, and frankly, not worth the trouble. 'Revolving Doors' may be the worst thing Radiohead have ever recorded, imo. I think all of that could have been released as a EP of out-takes for the Radiohead obsessives, leaving what is a pretty excellent album for the regular radio-pop listeners like me. A slightly different slant to something I read here. But anyway, what do you think?

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